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Sun Safety at Kindergarten: Partnering for Protection

As we bid farewell to winter, we’re preparing to welcome back our Sun Smart routines for children at kindergarten. Our team has engaged in thoughtful discussions about nurturing independence skills in children, which includes guiding them on how to apply sunscreen to their faces and bodies.

It’s time to dig out those bucket hats, remind about water bottles, and ensure each child has their own roll-on sunscreen, conveniently kept right here at the kindergarten.

In Victoria, starting from mid-August, UV ratings of 3 and above become more common. During these times, SunSmart practices become vital for the well-being of our children. Our dedicated teachers and educators consult the Sun Smart app each morning to determine the day’s UV level. This helps us establish when sunscreen application is necessary, with reapplication every 2 hours.

Let’s collaborate to ensure our children relish safe and sunny days ahead!