Our People

Working at Glen Education

We recognise that an organisation’s success is due to its people, which is why Glen Education is committed to being an employer of choice in the Early Years Sector.

With an employee engagement and alignment rate exceeding 80% for the last five years, and a sector low annual staff turnover rate of 18% for 2022, staff at Glen Education are departing the organisation at a far lower rate than the average Early Childhood Sector turnover rate of 30%.

Glen Education employee benefits

Glen Education is committed to providing additional benefits for its staff including:

  • Paid professional development for both teachers and educators well beyond the provisions of the VECTEA
  • Organisational child-free days exceeding the provisions of the VECTEA
  • Reimbursement of Working With Children Checks and VIT Registration renewals
  • Paid First Aid, CPR and Child Protection renewals
  • Strength-based Professional Development and Reflection Appraisal process which supports individualised employee goals and professional learning opportunities
  • Support to complete onsite traineeships in Certificate III and Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Support to complete on-the-job placements for Early Childhood qualifications
  • Leave to complete Early Childhood qualification work placements.
  • 10 weeks paid annual leave during school holidays
  • Being guided by a skills-based management team in varying disciplines including early childhood and inclusion
  • Increased opportunities for career progression and growth across our service

Glen Education policies and initiatives

Glen Education has also introduced a number of policies and initiatives to support the provision of high quality programs, which by extension provide much needed support to our educational staff, including:

  • One-to-one mentoring with sector experts and professionals
  • Staffing above ratios for kindergartens with a high number of enrolments
  • Funding additional educators beyond the provisions of Kindergarten Inclusion Support and NDIS funding to promote inclusive practices to support children with additional needs
  • Mentoring for provisionally registered teachers moving to full registration
  • Extensive capability assessment process to support experienced teachers to move to exemplary level status
  • Cross-kindergarten meeting and networking to support knowledge sharing and promote reflective practice opportunities

Current Opportunities

Teachers and Educators (Glen Eira, Kingston, Bayside, Monash and Stonnington regions)

Glen Education are currently seeking teachers, and diploma and certificate III qualified educators to join our kindergarten teams.

  • Part Time or Casual