Our Story

As a not-for-profit, early years management organisation, Glen Education’s historical roots are grounded in the belief that our purpose is to provide exceptional management and high-quality service provision to the community. Our current offerings include kindergarten programs, holiday care, inclusion and education support, and the delivery of online seminars. Glen Education is committed to being an employer of choice and the ongoing development of our people.

Our history

A group of parents, who were members of their kindergarten’s committee of management, came together in 2011 with the idea to establish a local place-based management organisation. With the support of the Glen Eira City Council and the Department of Education, Glen Education was formally established in 2012. This group sought to establish an alternative management model that would reduce the administrative burden on parent volunteers. The aim of Glen Education was to form a strong, effective, local kindergarten system that is community based and reflective of the early years management policy framework.

Early Years Management

Early Years (previously known as ‘Cluster’) Management was first introduced in 2003 to reduce the administrative burden on kindergarten volunteer parent committees, strengthen the management and delivery of community-based kindergarten programs, and provide kindergarten educators with professional employment arrangements.

Joining Glen Education

Child Safety