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Glen Education operate first year (3 year old) kindergarten and second year (4 year old) kindergarten programs on designated days and within specified times during school terms.

Children attend two days (15 hours) per week of kindergarten at no cost, and at certain Glen Education kindergartens, children may attend additional days at a cost to families.  To find out which specific days/times are offered at our kindergartens, we recommend viewing our timetables. Note the 2025 timetable is currently provisional. 

Due to the high demand for our programs, many sessions are currently at full capacity for 2024. To inquire about availability, please contact our Customer Relations Team at: enrolments@gleneducation.org.au.

We offer a range of attendance options, allowing children of varying ages to join together rather than adhering strictly to age-based separation. This means that children aged three to five can attend together on the same day or within the same rotational group.  To learn more about the advantages of our multi-age program, please visit our FAQ pages.

Our educational teams are skilled at providing an individualised program to support the unique learning requirements of children, aligning with the National Early Years Framework (2022) for Education and Care.

Visit our enrolments overview page to learn when your child should commence kindergarten and other useful enrolment information.

Note: The 2 days Free Funded kindergarten is only available at one kindergarten.

Note, Glen Murrumbeena Kindergarten’s lease is set to expire at the end of 2025. We will be operating in 2025, providing a minimum of 15 hours per week of kindergarten for both 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds. While we are actively working towards continuing a kindergarten program in Murrumbeena for 2026 and beyond, we are presently unable to confirm whether the kindergarten program will extend beyond 2025 at this stage.

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Glen Education Aspendale North Timetable

Timetables are a two-day minimum. Select days in groups of 2 or more.

Families are welcome to drop off and pick up their children within our operating hours.

Kindergarten Costs

Glen Education is committed to providing high-quality education and service to our children and families. Children can access 15 hours per week of first year (3 year old) and second year (4 year old) funded kindergarten at NO COST.

At certain Glen Education kindergartens, children may also attend additional days at a cost to families. 

Children may only access the Government funding at ONE service. Children enrolled at two different Glen Education kindergartens, can only access the funding at one kindergarten.

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