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Kindergarten Costs

Glen Education is committed to providing high-quality education and service to our children and families. Children can access 15 hours per week of first year (3 year old) and second year (4 year old) funded kindergarten at no cost.

At certain Glen Education kindergartens, children may also attend additional days at a cost to families. 

Children may only access the Government funding at ONE service. Children enrolled at two different Glen Education kindergartens, can only access the funding at one kindergarten.

Please note, the Child Care Subsidy does not apply to kindergartens.

Kindergarten Term Fees

Attendance Days
Term Fee
2 Days
15 Hours
3 Days
22.5 Hours
4 Days
30 Hours
5 Days
37.5 Hours

Please note: Glen North Cheltenham  provides 15 hours across 3 days.

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