Glen Education Policies

Glen Education policies are developed, reviewed and refined to cater for changes in the educational environment, updates to legislation and to reflect community needs.

Please contact us at or speak to your child’s educators if you have any questions or feedback.


Glen Education reserves the right to vary, replace or terminate policies at its discretion at any time, including to account for any changes to the law. All policy content is subject to ongoing change and users are encouraged to regularly visit this website for the latest information.


In order to assess whether the values and purposes of the policy have been achieved, Glen Education will:

  • regularly seek feedback from stakeholders affected by the policy regarding its effectiveness
  • monitor the implementation, compliance, complaints and incidents in relation to the policy
  • keep the policy up to date with current legislation, research, policy and best practice
  • revise the policy and procedures as part of the service’s policy review cycle, or as required

Policy downloads and access

  • Policies available for the Glen Education community to view and download are unlocked and labelled as ‘Public’.
  • Some policies remain private and require a password to access.
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