Our Support Services

Educational Support

Investing in early learning is a widely accepted approach, backed by extensive evidence, for governments and families to foster children’s development, lay the foundations for future learning and wellbeing, and reduce downstream expenditure on health, welfare, and justice.

The positive impact of early education lies in the nature, quality, and consistency of interactions between educators and children. These interactions are central to the learning opportunities that educators design and provide, as it is through sustained and reciprocal interactions that educators foster children’s communication skills, extend their thinking, develop their ability to manage emotions and relationships and instil the skills and confidence to be effective learners.   Crafting these learning opportunities requires a great deal of skill and expertise. Educators require deep knowledge of the science of child development, and the learning capabilities and processes of the children they teach. 

At Glen Education, we have committed to investing additional resources to a dedicated Educational Support team for the benefit of our children, families, and staff. The National Quality Framework (NQF) highlights that effective Educational Support teams can establish a culture of reflective practice to encourage continuous improvement across all aspects of an early childhood education program.  Our Education Manager and Support Team are focused on enhancing outcomes for children through program and practice innovation, mentoring and leadership.


Our Educational Support team is committed to:

  • Supporting educators to engage in ongoing professional inquiry that drives continuous improvement

  • Engaging with education teams in meaningful reflective practice that leads to better outcomes for all children

  • Building strong, robust relationships with families as children’s first and most important teachers

  • Ongoing implementation of evidenced based practice in early childhood education

  • Leading discussions that support the ongoing planning cycle for children’s learning

  • Developing strong partnerships with community where children live and learn
    Facilitating a community of practice and engaging in robust professional conversations that inspire and transform practice

  • Ensuring educators are supported to make children’s learning visible
    Inspiring educators in their daily work with children

  • Upholding the rights and wellbeing of all children.

We know that young children learn best through play-based activities that are suited to their age. When children have inclusive, positive, and rich early learning experiences, they are more likely to go on to become successful learners, with high levels of wellbeing. Early childhood education and care is an important way of providing learning experiences, especially for children experiencing disadvantage or vulnerability. At Glen Education, we recognise this, and our Educational Support team is tasked with making this a reality for our children and their families.