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Safety and Compliance

At Glen Education our commitment is in providing safe premises, safe people, and safe practices. 

Our commitment to ensuring the safety of all our people, is paramount and reflective in all we do.  Glen Education is responsible for providing leadership for an organisational culture of accountability for child safety, including training on child safe standards, advising of current child protection legislation, and ensuring an awareness of the legal and duty of care obligations, undertaking regular child safety reviews and developing action plans in consultation with the community, to maintain a child safe environment.

Defibrillators Save Lives

Did you know, Glen Education has invested over $60,000 in the purchase of a lifesaving defibrillator, which is located at each of our services, in case of emergency?

The defibrillators are audited annually and are registered with Ambulance Victoria, which ensures that anyone in the local community can access one if needed.   

Anyone accessing our environments is required to adhere to the Code of Conduct and Child Safe Environment Statement. There is an expectation that everyone views all children equally, with respect and dignity.  Our aim is to always ensure a safe and secure environment for children by acting with a duty of care and diligence.  It is our duty of care is to take reasonable precaution to prevent abuse (in any form) of a child by an individual associated with the organisation.

All staff at Glen Education take part in professional development focused on children’s safety, positive behaviour guidance, child protection and children’s rights, First Aid, CPR, Anaphylaxis and Asthma training.  This commitment goes above and beyond the Education and Care Services National Regulations (2011), which requires at least one staff member on site, is fully qualified.   

Each day, educators complete a thorough audit of the environment, to ensure the highest safety standards are maintained.  Some of the key tasks include:

  • Completing daily inspections of the indoor and outdoor areas for hazards and possible maintenance.
  • Reporting any hazards or maintenance issues to WHS Leaders, who will then promptly rectify the issue.
  • Record, report and notify if a child is injured whilst at the service in consultation with management, the family and the Department of Education (as needed).
  • Regularly review and maintain children’s action and risk minimisation and communication plans for allergies, anaphylaxis, and medications.
  • Conduct risk assessments, often in consultation with children, for regular outings, excursions, incursions and sensory play.
  • Engage in emergency response procedures with children each term (evacuation, lockout, lockdown).  Our commitment to educating the Glen Education community about safe emergency responses is above and beyond the requirement within the Education and Care Services National Regulations (2011), which identifies only evacuation as a compulsory response.
  • Ensuring that children are adequately supervised by ensuring sight and sound of children, effective communication and above National ratios for educational teams.
  • Embedding water safety and fire safety awareness is embedded in the curriculum.

We work in partnership with external auditors to conduct annual playground audits, test and tag our electrical equipment, complete bi-annual safe pest control inspections, complete 6-monthly checks of fire exits and equipment and support all local councils with annual building inspections.  

The community looks to us as an organisation and to our people, to provide a child safe culture and to ensure that our words match our actions.  We have zero tolerance to any form of child abuse or harm. As a whole community, it is our responsibility to work together in partnership with families to keep all children safe. 

Our Child Safe Environment Policy requires our families to report any concerns of potential child abuse or harm or any in appropriate behaviour to the appropriate authorities and to adhere to the Glen Education Code of Conduct. 

By working together, we can ensure all the children that attend our services, are able to thrive in a safe and nurturing environment.

Policies are available for families to view on the Glen Education website.

As of July 2022, changes have been made and implemented to strengthen child safety.

As a child safe organisation, we take deliberate steps to safeguard children from physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse and neglect.

Glen Education puts children’s safety and wellbeing first and embeds a commitment to child’s safety in every aspect of the organisation.

Further Information on the Child Safe Standards can be found below:

Further Information on the Child Safety can be found below:


Glen Education also believe all children have the right to be and feel safe in environments that respect cultural safety and maintain a culture in which children, their histories, and identities are valued, respected, and cared for. Protecting children from the risks of abuse is embedded in everyday thinking and practice.