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Welcome to our Online Community Seminars

Glen Education, in collaboration with the Glen Eira City Council, provides a series of continuous workshops designed to assist families and the community in fostering resilience, boosting confidence, enhancing social development, and promoting active participation in community life. These workshops also place a significant emphasis on Online/E-Safety and the digital well-being of children.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Family Life and Stride Education for their invaluable support in delivering these seminars to the community. These enduring partnerships are essential to ensuring the successful delivery of these community-oriented workshops.

Our aspiration is that you find these seminars a valuable resource that aids in reinforcing family support, making children more resilient, confident, and cognisant of the challenges in the realm of online/digital well-being as we move forward.

To learn more about the above and upcoming sessions, kindly follow the links to our online seminar resources or get in touch with the Glen Education Office.

Previous Online Seminar Recordings

Recorded: June 2023

Please use this Passcode to open recording: 1hfBXwH?

Google Recording: June 2023

Recording: May 2023