Your Generosity

At Glen Education, our commitment to nurturing young minds and supporting families extends beyond the classroom. Our donations program has been established with a clear mission in mind: to create a positive and lasting impact on children’s educational and personal development.

Your financial contributions play a pivotal role in our efforts to enrich the educational resources and support available at Glen Education. This includes the provision of further training for our education team, vital sensory equipment, and dedicated inclusion support for children requiring allied health services. Your generosity further aids us in offering assistance to families navigating financial hardships. It also enables translation services for families from diverse backgrounds and supports various other focused initiatives.

The contributions we receive create an environment where their educational and personal growth flourishes, and we are actively progressing towards the establishment of in-house allied health staff to assist all our kindergartens.

Your generosity paves the way for brighter futures and thriving young minds. Each donation will make a lasting impact on the children and families we serve.

Help us make a difference for those children, and families in need

All donations are non-deductible for tax purposes.

Your generosity can support our community in the following areas:

Inclusion Support for Children and Families:

At Glen Education, our commitment to transforming lives through exceptional early years education is underpinned by our steadfast belief in the power of inclusivity. Did you know that currently, 15% of children that attend one of our kindergartens benefit from our Inclusion Support Program? These are children with diverse needs, where early intervention can make a world of difference. We believe this number could be even higher, and with your support, we aspire to ensure that no child is left behind. Imagine the impact of helping these children at the earliest stages of their development.

Over 40% require speech therapists, and 25% need occupational therapists. Your support can empower our team with the training and resources they need to identify children’s needs as early as possible. Join us in creating a future where every child, regardless of their challenges, can thrive and reach their full potential.

Employment of Allied Health Staff:

Investing in the future of children’s well-being and development is investing in a brighter tomorrow. Your contribution can help us employ skilled allied health professionals who will work closely with our educators and families, providing tailored interventions and support to nurture each child’s unique abilities.

Family Support Services Program:

Strong families are the foundation of thriving children. Your generosity can help us create a comprehensive Family Support Services program that empowers families facing challenges.

From assisting with educational expenses to providing resources for child development, your donation can make a lasting difference in the lives of families, ensuring their children receive the best possible start in life and ensure that no child misses out on valuable opportunities due to financial limitations.