Our Kindergartens

Beautiful spaces to inspire learning

Our flexible environments are purposefully arranged to capture children’s interests, ideas and cater to individual needs. Our commitment to natural resources is evident in creating open ended play spaces for children to imagine, create and discover. Indoor/outdoor play is available to children throughout the day, so children can learn where they feel most inspired.

Glen Education kindergartens implement a play based emergent curriculum that is built on current research from the National Early Years Learning Framework (NEYLF 2022). The NEYLF states “play-based learning capitalises on children’s natural inclination to be curious, explore and learn. Children actively construct their own understandings that contribute to their own learning. In play experiences children integrate their emotions, thinking and motivation that assists to strengthen brain functioning. They exercise their agency, intentionality, capacity to initiate and lead learning, and their right to participate in decisions that affect them, including about their learning.” (p.8)

The curriculum provides rich learning experiences developed through a strength/interest-based approach. There is a balance between adult led intentional teaching opportunities and child driven projects.

We are committed to supporting children in ways that help connect them to the natural world in order to build and promote awareness of environmental and sustainable practices.