Our Families

Volunteer Parent Group (VPG)

Parents with children attending a Glen Education Kindergarten are invited to join a Volunteer Parent Group at their service.

The relationship between the volunteer parent group and Glen Education is critical to the successful delivery of the kindergarten program. In collaboration, both parties work to deliver improved outcomes for children and families.

Each Volunteer Parent Group (VPG) group is different and reflects its own uniqueness. Some examples of how the VPG can contribute to their kindergarten, as well as the wider community include:

  • Fundraising activities
  • Working bees
  • Social events
  • Meetings and welcoming new families
  • Bringing the community voice to the kindergartens

To find out more about joining your kindergarten volunteer parent group here is our expression of interest online form, or for a copy of the Glen Education Volunteer parent group manual please contact the Glen Education Office.

What our families say…

“The best part of being involved in the PAG has been the friendships our family has made. My involvement has also made my children feel involved and a part of the Kindergarten community. They see the Kinder as more then then just a place to go and learn but also a place they belong, have fun and contribute too. Its been so rewarding see to all of the families really enjoy the events we have put on and see projects we have helped fundraise for happen at the Kinder.”

– PAG Chair
/Glen Education Centre Road

“I would highly recommend joining the kinder P.A.G. Not only did I feel I was contributing to our kinder, it was a great way to meet other families & feel connected to my community.”

– PAG Member
/Glen Education Brady Road

“We moved to Bentleigh East three years ago and when my eldest son got accepted into the three year old program at Glover street, I was so happy. Not only for him, as the kinder was everything I hoped it would be, but also for me as I couldn’t wait to be involved in the local kinder community. I’ve learnt some fabulous skills from being on the PAG for the last two years and have formed some lovely friendships. I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in all the planning and organising of events and fundraising items for the families and helping out behind the scenes. I have another two boys to go through Glover Street and I look forward to continuing my commitment to the PAG as we work for the benefit of our wonderful kinder and all the children who get the privilege of being students there.”

– PAG Member
/Glen Education Glover Street

“When our first child went through Glen Education McKinnon kindergarten, what I really loved was all of the extra activities and events that the then PAG organised. As a working parent, it’s not always easy to connect with other parents, especially as I wasn’t doing pick-ups and drop-offs. And as a hospital administrator, I didn’t think that ‘show and tell’ of a business case process would really engage the kids (unlike the time that the Dr came, or the physio with a full size skeleton or the time the zoologist came with live animals – my kids are still talking about that!) – so how could I show my kids I wanted to be a part of their foundational structured education experience when I was a full time working, boring bureaucrat? As it happened, a role came up on the PAG and so I put my hand up. What a great decision! The events that we have organised have provided such a great opportunity for me to meet many of the local families, they have given the kids other opportunities to interact with the community and see the value the community places on their kinder and the experiences they are having. My kids have seen that it takes work to organise events, but that the rewards are there too (fun activities, great BBQ’s, new facilities for the kinder). We have great friends from the kinder, too!. Working on the committee has reconfirmed for me the power of community and the sense of belonging it provides. It has been a pleasure to serve.”

– PAG Chair
/Glen Education McKinnon

“In joining the PAG, I felt more connected and responsible for the community around me than I had since I was a teenager. I hadn’t realised I’d disconnected so much. I was in this happy cycle of work/play/work/play… but it was exclusive and isolated to my existing circle – I did not really connect with people down the street. I do now. And the PAG team, a group of parents thrown together as representatives of the community and the kinder, have been a real delight to work with. I admit, that was not really what I expected (I expected it to be really hard). With my fellow PAG members, I have learnt a lot about leadership, stakeholder management (executive/board), community engagement, fundraising, events, grants, and dispute management. Personally, and as a community, joining the PAG is deeply meaningful work, work with legacy and great learning opportunities. It is worth the effort. The 2018 PAG did a great job, and they worked hard to ensure we raised funds for future improvements, and that the families attending our kinder had a sense of belonging – as well as implementing a number of exciting improvements like the Indigenous Garden and the kid-powered water feature. I’m proud of our contribution to the community, and I’d do it again.”

– PAG Chair
/Glen Education Glover Street