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Strategies to enhance child’s transition to school

Hello Families at Glen Education

Last week, Jacqui Green (Psychologist), together with Glen Education and Ormond Primary School, facilitated a parent information session, to support families with strategies to enhance their child’s transition to school.  We were excited to see so many of our Glen Education Families attend this session.

The session was very informative and provided families with lots of strategies in supporting children to have a positive transition to school.  What stood out was that all of the skills Jacqui highlighted as important for families to be practicing at home in the weeks and months prior to school are the exact things your children have been practicing at kindergarten every day such as self-regulation; self-care skills including packing/unpacking their bag, managing their personal belonging and opening their snack container; problem solving; being ok with making mistakes; negotiating social conflict and more.

For those who may have missed the session, please find below the presentation kindly shared by Jacqui.

Supporting Your Childs Transition to School – Presentation

A special thank you to Josephine Dingiria (Manager, Education Support), Janine Bird (Early Childhood Teacher & Leader), Alisha Kums (Early Childhood Teacher & Leader), and Laura Cecil (Foundation Teacher, Ormond Primary School) for their invaluable insights and being available to answer questions from families on the night.

Kind Regards

Glen Education Management