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Metro Cares Community Grants – Glen Education Bentleigh Kindergarten

Metro Trains has generously donated a grant of $1500 to the Glen Education Bentleigh kindergarten, to fund a sporting program for children called ‘PlayBall’, later this year!

Volunteer PAG member (and mum to kinder child, Harrison) and employee for Metro Trains, Julia O’Reilly, applied for this grant on behalf of the kindergarten.  Recently, a film crew from Metro Trains, attended the kindergarten, to speak with Glen Education teacher, Karen Chisholm and to Julia, to find out more about the impact of the grant funds, as well as the subsequent and lasting benefit to the kindergarten community.  This grant forms part of a new community program that empowers Metro people to support the local community activities and causes that matter most to them. Being part of a community can have a positive effect on mental health and emotional wellbeing, providing a sense of belonging and social connectedness and we want to encourage more of our people to get involved.

Karen, Glen Education teacher, reflected on the importance of grants such as this for the program, stating, “The money from Metro is really good for us.  We have programs at kindergarten, such as Playball and Yoga. The money that we receive from Metro, will mean that we will be able to pay for a term of Playball, which is a sports based program… where [children] importantly, learn resilience [among other ball skills].”

We are grateful to Metro Trains for investing in our Early Years programs for the benefit of the children and the enhancement of the curriculum.  A special thank you to our parent volunteer, Julia, for putting the kindergarten forward as a recipient of the grant.

To listen to the interview, please click on the link: