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Glen Glover St Kindergarten receives an exceeding result for high-quality education and care

Congratulations to the team at Glen Glover St Kindergarten for their rating of EXCEEDING the National Standard for high-quality education and care, in all seven areas. The service were previously assessed in 2016 and received an exceeding rating then too. Glen Education (formally known as GEKA), have a proven record of delivering innovative and high-quality services over the past 10 years, that exceed the minimum standard and which benefit children and families, for life.  Glen Glover St Kindergarten participated in the assessment and rating process with the Department of Education and Training, in May of this year. The assessment involved the review of documentation, observation of interactions and an extensive discussion regarding practice.


The assessor highlighted our investment in critical reflective practice, the outstanding environments and our commitment to true, inclusive practice.

“Glen Glover Street Kindergarten demonstrated consistent practice in all quality areas. The leadership team and all educators used reflective practice and their strong partnerships with families and the community to create inclusive educational programs and learning environments. The observed practice demonstrated a commitment to continuous improvement, which positively impacted the outcomes for families and children. The educational programs at Glen Glover Street Kindergarten were inclusive and responsive to each child’s needs, skills, abilities, and interests. The play spaces contributed to the implementation of intentional and spontaneous experiences that promoted the seamless inclusion of children with additional needs. Children explored and learned in purposeful play spaces during uninterrupted play periods.”


Congratulations to the whole team; the educators, the managers and leaders, on an outstanding result.