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Congratulations to the Glen Caulfield Primary Kindergarten Team – Exceeding rating

Congratulations to the Glen Caulfield Primary Kindergarten Team (Educators and Leaders) on achieving a rating of EXCEEDING the National Standard for education and care!

Our services have consistently received a rating of exceeding the National Standard for over 10 years, by the South Eastern Region of the Department of Education, Victoria.

Here’s an extract of the report from the authorised officer:

“A unique aspect of Glen Education Kindergarten was the addition of an English-Japanese Bilingual program. The bilingual program effectively used music, movement, picture books and a range of information technology within the everyday program. All resources were labelled in English and Japanese words and children were observed engaging in song and conversation in both English and Japanese on the day of the visit. Intentional learning experiences were evident, and provocations for children’s learning were endless, with children observed in ongoing conversations and scaffolding of learning with peers and educators throughout the day. Educators were passionate, committed, respectful and authentic in their relationships with children, and were consistently observed interacting with children in a warm, responsive and gentle manner, creating an environment in which children felt comfortable, confident and relaxed. . All educators understood the diverse needs of children and had developed a strong sense of community, including relationships with families, which was observed in abundance on the day of the visit. The leadership team for the service consisted of nine people at an approved provider level, who utilised their knowledge and individual strengths to support and guide all educators at a service level, with a focus on educator wellbeing acknowledged and consistently provided for. The approved provider and leadership team of the service had critically reflected on their statement of philosophy to ensure it aligned with the service’s current purpose, priorities, and approach to practice, after a rebranding to reflect the children, families, and community that Glen Education now operated within. This led to an additional value of ‘excellence’ being added, with excellence in exploring joy with the children and the families at the service directly through practices being implemented.”

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