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Announcing a change to our identity:  Welcome to Glen Education

Announcing a change to our identity:  Welcome to Glen Education

Glen Education, formally known as the Glen Eira Kindergarten Association (or GEKA), is a funded, not-for-profit Early Years Management (EYM) organisation based in Melbourne.

Glen Education began operations in 2012, after a group of four parents, all on their kindergarten’s Committee of Management, came together in 2011, in pursuit of a better way to manage and sustain quality early years services. Originating in the City of Glen Eira, the Glen Eira Kindergarten Association was formed.

Since then, our scope has evolved beyond Glen Eira, to manage an expanded number of kindergartens, in Monash, Kingston and Bayside, and to deliver the provision of holiday care, parent education, inclusion and education support and the delivery of professional development.

Glen Education managed by a skills-based, professional executive management team, and governed by a skills-based Board. We are justifiably proud of the reputation and recognition we have gained for service quality above the National Standard, innovation, community engagement and operational performance.

Our historical roots are grounded in the belief that our purpose is to deliver high quality service provision and responsiveness to the community, enabled by exceptional leadership and management. We are committed to being an employer of choice and the ongoing development of our people.  Our Vision is to be the leading provider of innovative, professional, and inclusive early years education that delivers excellence in learning.  

What’s new and why

Our Name:  Glen Education

Our new name honours the legacy of our historical roots in Glen Eira. The word ‘education’ aptly reflects all that we do. We educate children, families, our people and the wider community, using our knowledge, wisdom, and expertise.

Our Logo:  The plant in our logo is the Bulbine Lily, which is an Indigenous plant, native to Glen Eira.  The logo also pays respect to the place where our historical roots were established.

Our Tag Line – Growing People:  We are an organisation that helps people to be the best they can be; to build strong foundations, they can reach their full potential. This includes not only the children we educate, but their families. We also have a genuine commitment to growing our staff, and invest a significant amount each year, in professional development, to benefit the growth of our people.

Our Values:  Respect, Authenticity, Integrity, Community, Celebration, Excellence.


A Reflection of who we are – now and into the future.

The rebrand captures our desire to remain authentic, responsive, and sustainable. You can see that the colours are earthy, natural, and subtle.  Images associated with our brand will be genuine and derived from our programs in action.

We will begin the process of updating all our signage and documentation over the coming months – as you can imagine, it is quite the task, so we thank you for your patience.

This is an exciting time in the organisation’s history, and we are grateful for the community support we continue to receive, in building a brand that everyone can be proud to represent.