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Welcome Serrell St Kindergarten (Stonnington Council) to the Glen Education Community

Some months ago, the service was at risk of closing, due to a varying number of complexities. Many families rallied together and worked diligently to engage Glen Education, the Department of Education & Training, Victoria and Stonnington City Council to ensure the kindergarten could continue long into the future. Special thanks and acknowledgement go to Alexis, Emma, and Katherine for their determination and passion!

The kindergarten community officially made the transition to Glen Education’s Management on the 20 December. We look forward to working in partnership with a dynamic educational team (including some of the original team), to continue to deliver high quality services for children and their families.

We are excited about the opportunity this partnership provides us, as we commence working with a fifth council area and in supporting our 15th Early Years’ service. The next chapter in the kindergarten’s rich history, is just beginning.

To be a part of this community in 2023, get in touch with us via our website:
Enrolments: https://gleneducation.org.au/kindergartens/glen-education-serrell-street-kindergarten/
Employment: https://gleneducation.org.au/about-glen-education/employment/