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Glen Education Term 2 2024 Newsletter Highlights: Transforming Learning Environments

As we approach the end of Term 2, we want to emphasise the crucial role of Learning Environments in providing enriching learning opportunities for children at Glen Education services.

Over 16 years ago, Anthony Semann & Wendy Shepherd wrote an article discussing the significance of beauty in early childhood environments. One quote particularly resonates, highlighting how learning environments impact not only children but also educators: “The environment should sing the song of the joy of teaching, the characteristics of the people who work and live in this space, and their dreams for a landscape of possibilities.”

At Glen Education, we continually reflect on this philosophy as we strive for high-quality service delivery. We prioritise creating kindergarten environments that stimulate, provoke, and facilitate learning, fostering a positive space for everyone to thrive and grow. We hope you enjoy reading about the highlights of our eventful Term 2.

Glen Education Term 2 2024 Newsletter