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Science Week at Glen Bentleigh Kindergarten

Science Week was the perfect opportunity to dive into exciting experiments and invite family members to share their passions and knowledge with children. This annual celebration of Science and Technology is a chance for us to explore, learn, and be inspired

“We believe that families are the first and most important influence in children’s lives, and they hold valuable knowledge about their child. Building trusting and respectful partnerships with families is crucial in fostering a sense of belonging that is consistent between kindergarten and home.”

Having parents actively participate in kindergarten life boosts children’s sense of self and connection. Throughout Science Week, we were fortunate to welcome parents working in scientific fields to enlighten us about their work. With Tim and Andrea, children discovered the significance of protective gear in a science lab. They engaged in shared discussions about scientists’ roles and workplaces.

Scientists are like explorers who ask questions and seek answers, and their work takes place anywhere, from nature to labs, construction sites to car manufacturing plants. Children were thrilled to dive into experiments that changed colors and learn about different states of matter using dry ice.

Holly, a doctor, joined the blue group to share her experiences and work in laboratories. She gave insights into our organs and how they function. Holly conducted an experiment demonstrating how our kidneys filter waste, allowing children to hypothesize which filter would work best.

Celebrating science opens doors to wider interests in the field and the world around us. It’s a chance for our children to develop curiosity, ask questions, and explore the incredible universe of science.