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Glen Education Term 1 2024 Newsletter

Term 1 is a time of new beginnings, a time full of new and exciting adventures, and a time for rich learning opportunities.

High quality early childhood education and care provides children the best start in life. It provides important opportunities to learn and develop. Early childhood education and care can help your child make friends, develop independence, and learn new routines. It also supports their transition to school. The most thorough research to date has revealed the number one factor that impacts student learning is engaging teaching. Our staff recognise the impact they have on each child’s learning journey and ensure that their teaching is intentional and relevant.

At Glen Education, we appreciate the value of teaching children through the inquiry process. We strive for children to understand the importance of asking questions, listening, expressing ideas, and sharing viewpoints.

This term’s newsletter provides a deep insight into how children’s learning is cultivated in ways that empower children to lead their own learning.

For more information about your child’s individualised learning program, please reach out to a teacher or educator at your child’s kindergarten.

You can read the newsletter below: