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Glen Serrell Street Kindergarten EXCEEDING RATING

Hello Glen Education Serrell St Families,

It gives us incredible pleasure and delight to announce an EXCEEDING RATING for Glen Education Serrell St Kindergarten, against National Quality Standards!!

WOW, what an outstanding result for everyone – we could not be more proud of this result!!

In less than 12 months, the Glen Education teams (educators, leaders, volunteer parents and managers) have transformed this service into one of wonder, warmth and rich learning. We are particularly proud of what we have achieved and acknowledge every one of their contributions.

Here’s an extract of the report, from the assessor (Department of Education):

Children and Families:  The service recognised the connections between children, families and communities, and the importance of reciprocal relationships and partnerships for learning. The service had created a culture of engagement for families and they were supported to be involved in the program as well as part of a network of support within the family community. The service viewed children as capable and resourceful contributors to the program. Educators valued children’s unique qualities and abilities, including their dispositions for learning. There was an abundance of opportunities for children to have a voice and explore their creative expression. In all aspects of the program there was a consistent approach from educators in relation to initiating positive interactions and providing guidance to children that supported and celebrated their individual differences. This work was supported by the organisations inclusion support team who provided administrative and financial support to the service to ensure each child could participate in the program.


Educational Team:  Educators promoted children’s strengths by encouraging their successes and assisting them to work through challenges with resilience and determination, which was a clear reflection of thoughtful teaching strategies used to develop strong relationships. The educational program was play based and also skillfully incorporated the interests and current knowledge of the children. Educators used this information to create ongoing topics of interest, adding to the overall quality of the program.


Environments:  The configuration of each room and every outside space promoted the access and full participation of every child which, in conjunction with the quality fixtures and resources, provided a stimulating learning environment. The design of the physical environment consistently aligned with the service philosophies emphasis the environments’ role in supporting children learning, there was also evidence that the approved provider had made meaningful quality improvements to the physical environment. There was a strong commitment to building meaningful relationships and creating an inclusive and nurturing environments for all children and their families. The services outdoor environment had been through significant improvements and the families were very involved in this process. The Parent advisory group had a strong vision for the outdoor spaces, raised funds for the project and supported the approved provider to achieve the shared vision.

Leadership:  The leadership team was well connected and had established a network of community partnerships that strengthened the positive organisational culture and professional learning. The nominated supervisor, educational leaders, inclusion manager and education support leaders all played important roles within the service and their extensive combined skills and knowledge supported the embedding of high expectations for teaching and learning. The educational leader, together with the highly skilled leadership team demonstrated a commitment to supporting and mentoring all educators which was evident in the time allocated for one-on-one mentoring, the time for each member of the leadership team to work with the service and in the collaboration in the quality improvement process. There was clear evidence that practices were based on industry best practice and a collective disposition to seek out high quality professional development. This informed the approach to mentoring and supporting a newly formed team of educators that consistently demonstrated a high level of skills and knowledge in all aspects of their practice.

Thank you to the community for supporting everyone at Glen Education to bring children and families the high-quality service, everyone deserves.  Please join with us in celebrating an incredible achievement!