Learning Environments are Important!

Our learning environment is important to us here at Glen Education. We strive to set up learning environments that are calming, inviting and open-ended. The children have access to paint throughout the day, often enjoying outdoor painting, using their creativity and imagination to express their ideas through art.
The children at Glen Education Bentleigh East Kindergarten have been exploring clay this week. Paired with loose parts, children have been using their imaginations to mould all sorts of wonderful creations. Using clay allows children the opportunity to drive their own learning, as they shape the piece of clay into anything they want it to be. It is a way for children to communicate and express their ideas without words.
Clay is also a fantastic, natural substance that strengthens children’s fine motor skills as they roll, squeeze and shape the clay using small, precise movements. Strengthening fine motor skills through play supports children in their writing and pencil grip.

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