Glen Eira Party in the Park 2019

Glen Eira City Council brings the community together in January, February and March with a series of free outdoor events held in three of the City’s best loved parks. On Sunday 17 March was the Party in the Park and Pet Expo!

Glen Education had a marquee at the event showcasing our Kindergarten services, Holiday Care Program and ran activities including PlayBall throughout the day. We gave out over 250 Glen Education information bags and potted over 150 plants with children from the community! It was a great day connecting with local families. EducationInc/photos/pcb.1274479609357911/1274479042691301/?type=3&__tn__=HH-R&eid=ARCcJowJ7ab-P2-mxqzwhhFmRcFhbDF6z7Adt23Du-aLVTfOqUpgrJTDrCKpCuiXGcRQg_6s8fhDdGC_&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARA-xZOIPsmamKlghIdq0hmGsuejZfGVyJfIDviR1pOXSCkD03fOYu7VGM1BewZiY4y5LyqZdHcLCrZhJLJw2huAAxHtMsQSlJH6IfbMkXYO9Rc2Bam8jfb-mOWxFQAdZWfLTw1ulEn6A1CMILdATrN52_Nx76Q741vA5_5EgoSo5FTTUsgHNKqKuVZF33lZp6GXqNAGlQcSamcz5xX_zW0plN5MIcVTzSlY1bN5PlP_XtK8VMXf5_gBEa9KKHCXPdaxs0KV8-zTg-V6MDpk58i3BWndqoxTgN8XTU4ToFro0mUrD8JygeHdZdBYKid_t1IwEuyG4QXZGMQzblevoOOxcQ

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