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Glen Education Term 1 Newsletter 2023

Please find a link to the Glen Education Newsletter Term 1 2023.  Our focus this first term has been to reflect on the educational environments of our kindergartens and how Educators use the indoor and outdoor spaces to support children to engage in rich and meaningful learning.  Our newsletter details how we continuously modify our spaces to meet the needs of all children in our communities and reflect children’s right to feel a sense of belonging and ownership of their kindergarten spaces. Educators have shared reflections on how they work in partnership with children and families to reflect the community around us through our physical environments, by making spaces rich with multi-cultural resources, furniture which invites adults to stay and play and resources which support children to explore and share their own identities.

This edition recognises the ways in which our teams utilise the kindergarten environment as the “third teacher”, designing spaces which support children to develop their sense of agency and independence through play.  Spaces are thoughtfully set up to encourage children to make choices during their play and develop the skills to resource their own learning and extend on their own ideas.

Thank you to all our teams for your contributions to the term 1 newsletter, it was a delight to see the wonderful spaces we create across our services and hear stories of how we create meaningful learning opportunities through intention and critical reflection on our environments.