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Celebrating Indigenous Art at Glen McKinnon

At Glen McKinnon, we’ve been exploring the rich world of Indigenous art, and it’s been an amazing journey of creativity and connection.

We were incredibly fortunate to have worked with local Aboriginal artist, Merindah-Gunya,

Bailey Mifsud https://merindahgunya.com.au/ to create a stunning piece of art, that represents our community.

Bailey’s masterpiece beautifully encapsulates the story that’s close to our hearts. Bailey’s artwork speaks to the deep connection between land, water, and our community. It pays homage to the traditional lands of the Bunurong People of the Kulin nation, upon which our kindergarten stands.

During group time, we reflected on Bailey’s artwork with the children, and together, we delved into the story it tells. The large circles represent our meeting places at Glen McKinnon, where our community gathers. The intricate patterns symbolize the people, animals, and birds that grace our kindergarten. And those beautiful blue lines at the bottom? They’re a tribute to our beloved water creek and the life-giving rain.

Later in the day, we watched in awe as the children took inspiration from Bailey’s artwork to create their own masterpieces. They experimented with colours, dots, and circles, and learnt about aboriginal art symbols.

Our exploration of Indigenous art is a celebration of diversity and a way for children to connect with the rich cultural tapestry that makes our community unique.

Stay tuned for more exciting artistic adventures as we continue to nurture young minds at Glen McKinnon.