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10 years of us!

10 years of us!

Congratulations to everyone in the community that has supported Glen Education, previously known as GEKA (Glen Eira Kindergarten Association). We are incredibly proud to have provided exceptional quality educational programs for children and their families, as well as career opportunities for so many incredible people, over the past 10 years.

Glen Education’s CEO, Samantha Kolasa, summed up our journey thus far, with a poem:

We once were so small, just four was our start
A few dedicated staff, played such a big part
In setting us up, and having clear goals
To drive education, they all knew their roles

For the local Glen Eira, there was a change in the air
Cluster management was new, and there was some despair
Would families miss out, on having a say
What would be the role they did play

Our PAGS were important, and today they are still
They do many great things, and display such goodwill
We grew oh so slowly, in those very early days
But the staff worked so hard, to truly amaze

Council and DET, with our high quality learning
We had a great vision, the wheels kept on turning
After five quick, short years, we had doubled in size
It was time for a new office, that was not a surprise

Some said it was too corporate, we were losing our way
But it soon became clear, bigger things were at play
We wanted to show all, the work that we do
To promote our high quality, to more than a few

Our voice became heard, we were GEKA and proud
Invited to advocate, our voice now allowed
Change became constant, we grew to survive
Reputation was strong, we had all really thrived

We have not been immune to the challenges at play
COVID, staff shortages, DET policy of the day
But we have shown such great courage, innovation and more
We can all proudly say, we gave and gave more

To our children and families, who inspire our work
Great friendships have been made, it’s one of the perks
This year we celebrate our incredible ten years
We have grown, we have learnt, and we’ve even shed tears

Thank you to all, for the part you have played
Its admired and respected, and goes a long way
So let’s say congrats, and cheers to Glen Ed
And look forward to the incredible road that’s ahead

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To join our community visit: https://gleneducation.org.au/about-glen-education/joining-glen-education/