Joining Glen Education

We are a locally based Early Years Manager that prides itself on a responsive partnership largely because of our close proximity to the services we manage.

If you are interested in joining the Glen Education Community, please contact Samantha Kolasa, CEO by submitting a contact form or calling 9570 5866 during business hours (8.30am – 4.30pm).

The Process of Joining:

  • An Early Childhood service will contact Glen Education and make a time to discuss the possibility of joining the Glen Education organisation. Initially this is either via telephone or a face to face informal meeting.
  • The CEO at Glen Education will present the proposal to the Glen Education Board of Directors, at the next scheduled monthly meeting and gain approval to investigate further the possibility of a partnership (this will align with the EYM Policy Framework 2016).
  • Representatives from Glen Education may attend meetings with the management group and educators of the early childhood service to discuss what being with an Early Years Management organisation means for their community and to answer any questions that individuals may have about joining Glen Education.
  • The early childhood service will need to present the Glen Education Board with financial and other relevant information that is used to determine the service’s suitability for Glen Education.
  • The Glen Education board make a final decision about partnering with the early childhood service and this decision is communicated to the early childhood service.
  • The Department of Education (DE) will be notified of the intention of the early childhood service to cease their existing management arrangements and approval sought for the transfer of the service license to Glen Education as their Early Years Manager.
  • Information is communicated to the Glen Education community and the early childhood service about the partnership when the contract is signed and all parties have agreed to the transition arrangements. This will include the date of commencement. Glen Education will provide information to the new service community via letter and will also (if not previously done so) arrange to meet the educational team as soon as possible to share plans for moving forward with Glen Education.

Experience of Joining:

When deciding to join an EYM, we looked at a few providers and aside from just generally liking the Glen Education team, feeling supported and the level of services Glen Education could provide to the Kindergarten. The thing that was really important to us was feeling like we could retain the community feel. Glen Education knew the area, families, council, local community groups, local businesses and schools, and had these wonderful relationships that could extend our little community into a much bigger community. Glen Education took the time to really listen, get to know us and work to improve on what we had and provided so many opportunities we wouldn’t have had without the Glen Education team. I like to think that we grew and evolved and not so much as changed.


Karen Dragatsikas
Former Committee of Management President at Centre Road Kindergarten

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