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Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant Success

Congratulations to the teams at both Glen Bentleigh East Kindergarten and Glen McKinnon Kindergarten on being successfully awarded a Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant to the value of $1,000 each!

Special thanks go to educators, Deepti and Wida from Glen McKinnon and Helen from Glen Bentleigh East for writing the application and for their lead with the project.


The grants will be used to re-establish the vegie gardens and to create sensory gardens for children and their families.


Glen McKinnon: Sustainable practice will be embedded across our kindergarten through growing our own vegetables in the front garden, composting fruit and vegetable scraps, or learning to sort our recycling from landfill waste. Children will experience how plants grow and where food comes from, focussing on cooking and enjoying the food we grow.


Glen Bentleigh East: We will be creating a space for a sensory garden, so the children can learn from the natural world and through a variety of senses. The aim is for the children to learn how to care for plants and to explore through the senses.


Thank you to Miles and the team from Woolworths and Landcare Australia for your generosity and your support of our programs. The team cannot wait to get started!