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Stage 4 Lockdown – What this means for kindergarten

As you would be aware, The Premiere, Daniel Andrews, has issued a 5 day lockdown (stage 4) from 11.59pm tonight.

For more information: five-day snap lockdown

What does this mean for you?

Kindergartens will remain open, but access will be restricted to children and Glen Education staff only – families will need to drop off and pick up from the gate/door.

If your child has needed your support to settle into kindergarten, our educators will do the best they can to comfort your child, but unfortunately you will not be permitted access to the program.

Temperatures will continue to be taken upon arrival and throughout the day as required.

Strict hygiene practices will continue to be implemented to minimise cross infection.

We ask families to please keep children that are unwell – at home.  Please also do not drop off or pick up if you are unwell.

Any children displaying symptoms of illness during the program, will be sent home immediately.

A medical clearance stating that your child is well and not contagious, will be required, if your child has been absent due to any illness (please feel free to share this communication with your GP if required).

As the situation unfolds, we will continue to update you.

Please keep checking Flexischools and the Glen Education website for more information.

Kind Regards,

Glen Education Management