What We Provide

Glen Education is a funded Early Years Manager and a not-for-profit organisation. 

We are an approved provider and undertake the operational management and employer responsibilities of local kindergartens. We are local and available to support our educational teams, children, families and extended community.

All Glen Education Kindergartens are operating at or above the National Standard.

Support Services

Glen Education provides a comprehensive destination for early years support and services. In addition to our outstanding Kindergartens and engaging Holiday Care program, we offer a wide range of support services designed to assist families in nurturing the development and well-being of their children.

Our dedicated support services encompass various areas, including Inclusion Support, Educational Support, School Readiness, Online Safety, and a selection of informative online seminars. We are committed to fostering resilience, confidence, social development, and active participation in community life.

Whether you require inclusive assistance, educational support, preparation for school, or guidance on online safety, Glen Education is here to provide the additional services that contribute to a fulfilling early years journey.

Discover how our comprehensive support programs can empower your child’s growth and benefit your entire family. Explore our website to learn more about the range of services we offer. Together, we can create a strong foundation for your child’s future success.

Glen Education Kindergarten Kids