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Exploring the Magic of Yoga

Every Friday led by the wonderful Nerida from Yoga a GoGo (www.yogaagogo.com.au), we have dived into the world of yoga with our young learners, and it’s a journey filled with movement, imagination, and pure joy.

Children are naturally drawn to physical activity and the thrill of exploration. Through imaginative play, captivating stories, and vibrant music, yoga offers a myriad of benefits:

Boosting Confidence and Calmness: Yoga instils a sense of confidence and tranquility helping children navigate the world with poise. Yoga opens the door to a world of imagination and curiosity, where children can let their creativity soar.

Every yoga session is packed with fun and meaningful play, encouraging active participation and joyful learning. Yoga promotes concentration and mindfulness, supporting children in developing a longer attention span.

Through yoga, children become more in tune with their bodies, fostering a profound sense of body awareness. Our sessions are a space for children to connect, collaborate, and nurture essential social and emotional skills. We celebrate the uniqueness of each child, embracing their individual journeys and achievements.

This enriching experience aligns perfectly with Outcome 3 of the Australian Early Years Framework, where children develop a strong sense of wellbeing and take responsibility for their health.

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