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Welcome St John’s Kindergarten to the Glen Education Community

Welcome St John’s Kindergarten (Bayside Council) to the Glen Education Community!

St John’s Kindergarten, located in the Bayside Council area, has been offering both 3YO and 4YO kindergarten, since 1954.  Currently operating from a church building, the service is scheduled to relocate into a purpose-built facility in 2023, expanding the number of places they will offer (to a double room facility). This year, the service was assessed and rated as exceeding the National Standard, demonstrating a strong commitment to Early Years Education.   We acknowledge the synergy between their philosophy and ours, particularly the commitment to supporting children thrive in a stimulating environment, ‘where they have ownership and feel a sense of belonging and joy.’  On one of our early visits to the service, one of the children approach us and said, “You’re welcome here!”  It was a significant moment, and a true reflection of the essence of the kindergarten. 

The kindergarten was previously managed by a Committee of Management, who recognised Glen Education for our commitment to exceptional quality and the long-term sustainability of services.  We commend the Committee on their work to date (in particular, Paula Hurley and Stephanie Murphy) and acknowledge the dedication and effort it takes to operate a kindergarten under complex legislation, in a volunteer capacity.  Consultation with the community and a unanimous vote to join, saw the partnership successfully secured. 

While we have been working with the St John’s Kindergarten for some months now, the community officially made the transition to Glen Education’s management on the 06 December.  We welcome the entire educational team to Glen Education and look forward to working in partnership with them to continue to deliver high quality services for children and their families. 

It is an exciting time for Glen Education as we expand into a fourth local council area and support our 13th kindergarten to continue to deliver high-quality services to the community!