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Online Seminar – Prep 4 Prep

Kerry LiddellB.Occ Therapy
Kerry Liddell B.Occ Therapy Grad Cert Occ Therapy (Paediatrics)

This information session is vital for families of children attending both 3YO and 4YO kindergarten as part of a two-year learning journey, with research strongly demonstrating that supporting a positive transition to school starts well before the end of 4YO kindergarten. The session will provide you with plenty of practical ideas and tips for building the important life skills that your child will need for this big step in their life …. Social Skills, Self-Regulation, Attention and Concentration, Self Help skills and Fine Motor development.

Presented by Little Bridges Occupational Therapy for Children.


Click the Link….. on Monday May 8th at 7pm to join the Microsoft Teams meeting – Prep 4 Prep Online Seminar


PREP 4 PREP Online information session

Monday May 8th
7pm to 8.30pm