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Nurturing Early Literacy: A Journey in Learning and Play

At Glen Education, we recognize that early literacy skills and emergent writing are the building blocks of a child’s learning journey. Our kindergarten curriculum is thoughtfully designed to immerse children in this vital aspect of development, all while having fun through learning and play.

Here are just a few examples of how we cultivate these skills:

Personalized Easel Names: Children find joy in writing their own names, which is why we have their names displayed on easels. This encourages them to try their hand at writing and boosts their confidence.

Signing In with a Smile: We’ve created a special space where children can sign themselves in when they arrive at kindergarten. This not only adds an element of excitement but also allows them to observe the adults as they model writing behaviour.

Building Literacy in Play: Clipboards, paper, and writing tools are readily available in our pretend construction areas. This empowers children to incorporate writing into their imaginative play, fostering creativity and expression.

Home Corner Adventures: Our home corner is filled with familiar written materials, like menus and recycled food brand boxes. This helps children recognize words from their daily lives and sparks their curiosity about reading and writing.

It’s important to remember that participation is an invitation, not an obligation. If a child isn’t interested, that’s perfectly fine. We have a myriad of other opportunities in our program for them to develop these skills.

We will continually embrace this literacy journey together, making learning a joyful adventure for children.