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Glen Education Term 3 2023 Newsletter

Our term three newsletter focusses on joy in early childhood. There are so many moments throughout life where we have the opportunity to experience joy with children.

It could be something small like watching a child sleep, or seeing them master the art of tying their shoe laces for the first time. It could be a planned activity like a birthday party, or weekend away…….regardless of what it is, these moments, create memories and a sense of happiness. Our teachers and educators are trained to promote learning that excites and empowers children to engage with learning experiences in a fun, play based manner. Joy comes when a child feels a sense of achievement, as if they have created something new, and on their own. Joy for us comes from being amazed by what these little people can do.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to this term’s newsletter – it provided everyone with an opportunity to reflect on the joy and the pleasurable aspects of the job we all love so much, and why we love what we do!

You can read the newsletter below: