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Congratulations to the Glen Murrumbeena Kindergarten Team – Exceeding Rating

Congratulations to the Glen Murrumbeena Kindergarten Team (Educators and Leaders) on achieving a rating of EXCEEDING the National Standard for education and care!

Our services have consistently received a rating of exceeding the National Standard for over 10 years, by the South Eastern Region of the Department of Education, Victoria

Here’s an extract of the report from the authorised officer:

“The service demonstrated a strong commitment to the service philosophy, and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) was central to every decision made. Educators recognised that children learn through prolonged periods of investigation and exploration, as well as active engagement in both planned and spontaneous experiences. The service demonstrated a strong commitment to respect for diversity and promoting the rights of each child. Children were promoted as individuals with equal rights and were empowered to participate in decision making that may impact them. Strong guidance and assistance from the nominated supervisor, educational leader and leadership team was evident, as they provided all educators with access to pedagogical resources that supported the development of a child-centred program. The approved provider had established strong leadership and governance arrangements, as well as administrative and operational processes, that were responsive to the needs of the service and its educators. The educational leader worked across all of the Approved Providers’ services, who provided a consistent, unified approach to striving for a high-quality program and practice amongst the team. Conversations with the educational leader genuinely demonstrated the high expectations held for educators and children within the program, by challenging existing thinking and influencing positive change.”

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