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Congratulations to the Glen Education Chelsea Kindergarten Team – Exceeding rating

Congratulations to the Glen Education Chelsea Kindergarten Team (Educators and Leaders) on achieving a rating of EXCEEDING the National Standard for education and care!

Our services have consistently received a rating of exceeding the National Standard for over 10 years, by the South Eastern Region of the Department of Education, Victoria

Here’s an extract of the report from the authorised officer:

“A suitably qualified and passionate staff team were supported by strong leadership and governance arrangements, that provided consistency and helped to build strong relationships with children and families. Dedicated educators engaged with families and the community, to obtain information and utilise their vast range of skills to strengthen the program available to children, whilst ensuring the needs of families in the community were advocated for and affirmed. Intentional teaching practices were visibly embedded, and relevant to the children’s current interests. All children appeared confident and competent in the environment, as educators consistently provided opportunities for children to make decisions and demonstrate a sense of agency within the program. Strong guidance and assistance from the nominated supervisor, educational leader and leadership team was evident, as they provided all educators with access to pedagogical resources that supported the development of a child-centred program. There has been considerable critical reflection on all areas of the service. This process has become embedded as part of an ethos of continuous improvement, which has prompted a shift in organisational culture and reflective pedagogical practices. The service engaged in ongoing critical reflection to further enhance the health and safety outcomes for children, which included regular reviews of incidents to reflect on and improve practice. The high-level skills and knowledge of the educational leader were consistently utilised across the service, to mentor, inspire, and share information with educators. Regular engagement with the Glen Education educator network, the leadership team, and the educational leader, provided opportunities to strengthen pedagogical knowledge. The educational leader worked across all the Approved Providers’ services, who provided a consistent, unified approach to striving for a high-quality program and practice amongst the team. The commitment to the ongoing improvement of the service, was valued by all.”

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