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A Visit from Shelford Girls’ Grammar and Children’s conversations

At Glen Education, "We will support children in becoming active citizens of their educational community as they gain their own unique sense of belonging, being and becoming.” We support these connections and seek out opportunities for the children to be able to be supported in the wider educational community.

A perfect opportunity for the children to engage in this rich learning was when Vicky Gemmell, who is the Head of Junior School: Student Wellbeing and Development at Shelford Girls Grammer, came with Grade 6 School Leaders to spend some time with our children at kindergarten. The experiences and benefits for our Kindergarten children when they partner with high school aged students is that they develop a sense of connection and the confidence to learn from responsible role models. These connections also create positive, collaborative relationships. Valuable learning opportunities take place as kindergarten children enjoy increased social emotional wellbeing and develop increased confidence.  Providing younger children with the opportunity to be supported by older children encourages them to explore positive and new ways of learning and communicating.

We welcome you to enjoy an extract from a visit from the Shelford Grade 6 Leaders to our Kindergarten Community engaging with the children.

A big thank you to Vicky and school leaders from Shelford Girls’ Grammar for their wonderful visits to Glen Bentleigh East.
The children enjoyed the story time and especially the “bear ears”

We wanted to share some of the special conversations at home time as families came to pick up their children.

“I made my own bear ears and a big school girl helped me put my ears on!”
“I’m a bear, rrrrr ” Child making bear paws and with bear ears on.
“Vicky read us a story about a funny noisy bear!”
“Sheep helped the bear to sing.”
“We sang the wiggles together.”
“The lion played the drums.”
“All the friends helped the bear.”
“Mum , we had big people helpers today for the bear!”

The morning was most memorable, and the children showed so much delight in the visits. We thank them for their generosity.