Privacy Policy

GEKA is committed to:

  • responsible and secure collection and handling of personal information
  • protecting the privacy of each individual’s personal information
  • ensuring individuals are fully informed regarding the collection, storage, use, disclosure and disposal of their personal information, and their access to that information.

GEKA believe your privacy is important.

GEKA has developed a Privacy and Confidentiality Policy that provides guidelines for the collection storage, use, disclosure and disposal of personal information, including photos, videos and health information at GEKA.

Early childhood services are obligated by law, service agreements and licensing requirements to comply with the privacy and health records legislation when collecting personal and health information about individuals. Our procedures are subject to the Health Records Act 2001 (Part 1, 7.1) and the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) (Part 1, 6 (1))

Purpose for which information is collected

The reasons for which we generally collect personal information are given in the table below.

Personal and health information collected in relation to:
Primary purpose for which information will be used:
Children and parents/guardians
  • To enable GEKA to provide for the education and care of the child attending a GEKA service
  • To manage and administer the service as required
The Approved Provider if an individual, or members of the Volunteer PAG/GEKA Board if the Approved Provider is an organisation
  • For the management of the GEKA service
  • To satisfy GEKA’s legal obligations
Job applicants, employees, contractors, volunteers and students
  • To assess and (if necessary) to engage employees, contractors, volunteers and students
  • To administer the individual’s employment, contracts or placement

Please note that under relevant privacy legislation, other uses and disclosures of personal information may be permitted, as set out in that legislation.

Disclosure of personal information, including health information

GEKA may disclose some personal information about an individual to:

  • government departments or agencies, as part of our legal and funding obligations
  • local government authorities, for planning purposes
  • organisations providing services related to employee entitlements and employment
  • insurance providers, in relation to specific claims or for obtaining cover
  • law enforcement agencies
  • health organisations and/or families in circumstances where the person requires urgent medical
  • assistance and is incapable of giving permission
  • anyone to whom the individual authorises us to disclose information.

Laws that require us to collect specific information

The Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010 and the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011, Associations Incorporation Act 1981 and employment-related laws and agreements require us to collect specific information about individuals from time-to-time. Failure to provide the required information could affect:

  • a child’s enrolment at the service
  • a person’s employment with the service
  • the ability to function as an incorporated association.

Access to information

Individuals about whom we hold personal or health information are able to gain access to this information in accordance with applicable legislation. The procedure for doing this is set out in our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy,

For information on the Privacy and Confidentiality Policy, please refer to the copy available on the GEKA website.

GEKA is responsible for:

  • ensuring all records and documents are maintained and stored in accordance with Regulations 181 and 183 of the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011
  • ensuring the service complies with the requirements of the Privacy Principles as outlined in the Health Records Act 2001, the Information Privacy Act 2000 and, where applicable, the Privacy Act 1988 by developing, reviewing and implementing processes and practices that identify:
    • what information the service collects about individuals, and the source of the information
    • why and how the service collects, uses and discloses the information
    • who will have access to the information
    • risks in relation to the collection, storage, use, disclosure or disposal of and access to personal and health information collected by the service
  • ensuring parents/guardians know why the information is being collected and how it will be managed
  • providing adequate and appropriate secure storage for personal information collected by the service
  • developing procedures that will protect personal information from unauthorised access
  • ensuring the appropriate use of images of children, including being aware of cultural sensitivities and the need for some images to be treated with special care
  • developing procedures to monitor compliance with the requirements of this policy
  • ensuring all employees and volunteers are provided with a copy of this policy, including the Privacy Statement of the service.
  • ensuring all parents/guardians are provided with the service’s Privacy Statement and all relevant forms
  • informing parents/guardians that a copy of the complete policy is available on request
  • ensuring a copy of this policy, including the Privacy Statement, is prominently displayed at the service and available on request
  • establishing procedures to be implemented if parents/guardians request that their child’s image is not to be taken, published or recorded, or when a child requests that their photo not be taken.