Thank you and Farewell to 2020

Hello Glen Education Community,

Thank you for your support this year.  It hasn’t been an easy one to navigate with the ever changing landscape, but we are proud that we have come through it together.  Our educational teams have stepped up and provided consistent support and love and we are very proud of them.

This year has provided us all with the opportunity to practice patience, flexibility, gratitude and resilience.  The children that are transitioning onward to school, will be the most resilient group yet – and we know they will have success.

Our heartfelt thanks to our volunteers this year – the parent groups have had to be extra creative this year, as they moved into the online world to fundraise and stay connected.  We have appreciated everything you have done to support the kindergarten this year – thank you again!

The Australian Childhood Foundation have produced a children’s story as a token of thanks.  We think it is a beautiful reminder of hope and new beginnings.  We thank the Australian Childhood Foundation for their generosity.

“COVID made us all worry that we had lost so much and we weren’t sure that we could find any of it again. Thank goodness for Matilda and Theo – they have been in the background making sure that children have been able to have their lost experiences returned to them quickly. As a way of appreciating your ongoing participation in our work, here is a special story for the children in your lives.”

Please note the Glen Education Office will close on Wednesday 23 December 2020 and reopen on Thursday 7 January 2021

Educational teams will return on Wednesday 27 January for Professional Development and set up of programs

Children and families will return as per the orientation schedule for each kindergarten, available on the Glen Education website:

We wish you happiness to welcome each day,

We wish you laughter to make your heart sing,

We wish you friendship, love and togetherness,

And all of the joy each day can bring!

Take care everyone and we will see many of you in 2021 ????


Kind Regards

Glen Education Management


Matilda + Theo – looking after Lost and Found Things in the time of Coronavirus


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