Inclusive Practice – The Present!

Glen Education highly values “Inclusive practice” within our day to day operations in everything we do.

The team at Glen St John Kindergarten have shared the below short animation with children, to initiate discussions with them about inclusive practice.

When you get the opportunity please watch…. The Present!

The revised EYLF (2022) holds the principal of inclusion high, and states “Educators who are committed to equity recognise that all children have the right to participate in inclusive early childhood settings, regardless of their circumstances, strengths, gender, capabilities or diverse ways of doing and being. They create inclusive learning environments and adopt flexible and informed practices, including making reasonable adjustments to optimise access, participation and engagement in learning. This supports wellbeing and positive outcomes for children in all their diversities” (p. 17).

We would love to hear any stories our community has about inclusive practice.

A great insight and message for us all!

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