Genuine Partnerships

We believe that families are first and primary influence in the lives of children and are knowledgeable of their child. Trusting, respectful partnerships with families are a critical component of the way we establish a sense of belonging with the Kindergarten and home. Meaningful partnerships involve establishing a sense of community, where both children and families know that they belong and make a valuable contribution. Families are invited to contribute to their child’s learning by sharing their stories, talents and interests from home.

As a Glen Education managed kindergarten, families can devote their time and energy into their child’s experiences and enjoy the year knowing the responsibility of managing the operations of the service are in capable hands.If at any time you have queries about the children’s program, or other questions regarding the kindergarten operations, please direct these initially to your kindergarten teacher, the responsible person for the kindergarten or contact Glen Education directly. We believe that honest and constructive feedback supports us to deliver improved programs for all.

“When educators establish respectful and caring relationships with children and families, they are able to work together to construct curriculum and learning experiences relevant to children.” (National Early Years Learning Framework, 2011)

Orientation Information

Children commencing at the beginning of the kindergarten year will be offered a staggered-start timetable for several weeks before normal sessions commence. This enables a gradual adjustment to the environment and to facilitate a positive transition.

Families will also be invited to attend an Information Evening and Welcome Afternoon prior to the commencement of the kindergarten year. These events provide an opportunity to meet the educational team, become familiar with the kindergarten environment, learn more about the flexible program, what your child needs to bring and to submit all enrolment documentation.

Children enrolling mid-year, will  be invited to visit the kindergarten for a short period of time before their confirmed start date to become familiar with their surroundings and to establish a connection with educators.