First Year (3 Year Old) Enrolments

When and How to Apply

Glen Education kindergartens offer a variety of sessional programs that vary in the length and the number of days your child may attend.  The session times can be viewed on our Timetable 2023 page

Glen Education participate in a Central Registration Scheme for our sessional kindergarten programs. The Scheme is administered by local Councils on behalf of all sessional kindergartens operated by Glen Education.

To learn WHEN and HOW to apply for a Glen Education kindergarten place, find important dates along with other key enrolment information, please visit the local  Council website listed below that your preferred kindergarten is located in:


To be eligible for funded First Year (Three Year Old) Kindergarten, your child must be three years of age or older by 30 April in the year they attend.

If your child turns three between the commencement of Term 1 and April 30 they can only attend once they turn three. A pro rata fee will apply and your child’s educator will discuss an individual orientation schedule with you where you will be able to visit the kindergarten for short periods of time and parent/guardian must remain with child for visits.

Families with children born between 1 January and 30 April have a CHOICE about whether their child will commence school in the year they turn five or the following year when they turn six, and therefore whether they commence First Year (3YO) Kindergarten in the year they turn 3 or the year they 4.

Children accessing First Year Kindergarten will transition to Second Year Kindergarten the following year.  NO children will repeat funded First Year Kindergarten.  If children need a third year of kindergarten and meet the criteria, they will do this at the end of the Seconded Year of kindergarten, prior to the transition to school.

If you are unsure about the best time for your child to start a kindergarten program, contact the Glen Education customer relations team. Find out how the kindergarten program can support your child. You can also attend a tour of the kindergarten that your child is likely to attend. As well, you can talk with your child’s Maternal and Child Health Nurse, family doctor and any other professionals your child sees (for example, Speech Therapist, Physiotherapist or Paediatrician).

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