First Year (Three Year Old) and Second Year (Four Year Old) Kindergarten

Glen Education offer First Year (Three Year Old), and Second Year (Four Year Old) kindergarten programs.

The Victorian State Government provide partial funding for First Year and Second Year Kindergarten. This means eligible children are able to have two years of funded kindergarten.

PRIOR TO REGISTERING for a Glen Education kindergarten, we recommend you:

HOW TO REGISTER for kindergarten?

Glen Education participate in a Central Registration Scheme for sessional First Year (Three Year Old) and Second Year (Four Year Old) kindergarten programs. The Scheme is administered by local Councils on behalf of all kindergartens operated by Glen Education.

To enrol at a Glen Education kindergarten families must first submit a registration through the relevant Council’s Central Registration Scheme. To submit an application, and learn WHEN and HOW to apply for a Glen Education kindergarten place, please visit our pages for 3 year old enrolment page and 4 year old enrolment page

Bayside City Council Enrolments

City of Kingston Enrolments

City of Monash  Enrolments

Glen Eira City Council Enrolments

City of Stonnington Enrolments


The provision of kindergarten programs is partly funded by the State Government with the balance of funds required coming from fees paid by families. To view our kindergarten fees, visit our Fees and Charges page

Free/Low Cost Kindergarten and Early Start Kindergarten There are several kindergarten fee subsidies options available to eligible families which allow children to access free or low cost kindergarten. To learn more, you can read about the Kindergarten Fee Subsidy and Early Start Kindergarten HERE.


Your child must be vaccinated and their immunisations recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register to attend kindergarten. To learn more, visit this link Childhood Immunisation

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