Kindergarten Places still available for 2024

As a not for profit, early years organisation, Glen Education’s historical roots are grounded in the belief that our purpose is to provide exceptional management and high-quality service provision to the community. Our current offerings include kindergarten programs, holiday care, inclusion and education support, and the delivery of professional development. In line with the State Government’s free kinder initiative, Glen

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Mud, what a marvelous mess.

When children immerse themselves in muddy adventures, especially relevant during Melbourne’s chilly spell, they’re enhancing both their fine and gross motor skills, essential for future writing. This sensory play also teaches them emotional regulation as they navigate the tactile world of mud. And let’s not overlook the endless wellspring of creativity that muddy explorations unleash. Whether it’s crafting handprints or

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Nurturing Early Literacy: A Journey in Learning and Play

At Glen Education, we recognize that early literacy skills and emergent writing are the building blocks of a child’s learning journey. Our kindergarten curriculum is thoughtfully designed to immerse children in this vital aspect of development, all while having fun through learning and play. Here are just a few examples of how we cultivate these skills: Personalized Easel Names: Children find

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