Glen Education Term 2 Newsletter

Glen Education Term 2 Newsletter This edition is all about our commitment to child safety and the ways we work to ensure the protection of children, from educators through to the management team.  We draw your attention to the article from our Work, Health and Safety Coordinator, Leanne, on Embedding a Culture of Child Safety.   Glen Education Term 2

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Glen Education Term 1 Newsletter 2022

Please find a link to the Glen Education Term 1 Newsletter 2022.  Our focus this first term has been to support children and families to transition (back) into kindergarten and to feel safe and secure with our educational teams and in our outstanding environments. Our newsletter details how we are modifying our curriculums as we engage in ‘life after restrictions’

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Glen Education Term 4 Newsletter 2021

Hello Glen Education Community, This term’s newsletter explores risk taking in early childhood, in particular, the value risky play has on a child’s learning and development.  The Early Years Learning Framework (2009) lists a number of key outcomes of early childhood, one of which being that children become strong in their social and emotional wellbeing through many diverse experiences, including

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