Glen Education Term 3 2023 Newsletter

Our term three newsletter focusses on joy in early childhood. There are so many moments throughout life where we have the opportunity to experience joy with children. It could be something small like watching a child sleep, or seeing them master the art of tying their shoe laces for the first time. It could be a planned activity like a

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Glen Education Term 2 2023 Newsletter

The focus of this edition of our newsletter is reflective of our stories of practice. This term our educational teams have reflected on the ways in which they use the National Quality Standards to guide their practice and to inspire continuous improvement across all our kindergarten programs.  Please find a link to the Glen Education Term 2 Newsletter 2023. These stories

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Glen Education Term 1 Newsletter 2023

Please find a link to the Glen Education Newsletter Term 1 2023.  Our focus this first term has been to reflect on the educational environments of our kindergartens and how Educators use the indoor and outdoor spaces to support children to engage in rich and meaningful learning.  Our newsletter details how we continuously modify our spaces to meet the needs of

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