Glen Education Term 4 Newsletter

Celebrating 10 Years We thank our educators and families for their heartfelt contributions to what is a very special edition of the Glen Education newsletter – our celebration of 10 wonderful years! This term, we have reflected as a community about the way this organisation – and the people in it – have supported services to grow and flourish and

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Glen Education Term 3 Newsletter

The focus of this edition is on collaborative relationships with families and the community.  The relationships developed between educators and families are fundamental to achieving quality outcomes for children and community partnerships that are based on active communication, consultation, and collaboration. Please find a link to the Glen Education Term 3 Newsletter 2022. When children, families and educators feel connected to

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Glen Education Term 2 Newsletter

Glen Education Term 2 Newsletter This edition is all about our commitment to child safety and the ways we work to ensure the protection of children, from educators through to the management team.  We draw your attention to the article from our Work, Health and Safety Coordinator, Leanne, on Embedding a Culture of Child Safety.   Glen Education Term 2

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